d.i.y. disco kits

Lighting & sound hire

Why disco party with us?


one off fee rather then paying per child

Environmentally friendly

lighting systems are our decoration


birthday child can select songs + games


shared memories between parents & kids


Exciting high energy filled music


Will be the topic of conversation

Hassle free

relaxed at home, no limitations


setup is a scaled version of a nightclub experience

our team

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Technical Support with over 20 years as an Audio Professional he has designed sound & lighting for countless events.

Sean .. dad to three little monkeys, loves anything musical and makes sound… sound great!! He is also very talented in photography, and is always up for taking a few snaps!!

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Party Planner from invites to stressless party advice so your birthday will run smoothly.

She can guide you through the party arrangements with great organisational skills, tips and creative ideas. Natalie is a mum to three cute kids and loves cooking and dancing around the kitchen to pop songs!!

Where It All Started

Our 7 year old wanted to invite everyone he knew to his 8th birthday party. WIth 3 siblings, we were looking at a birthday budget blowout if we were to pay for each kid attending. 

We wanted a different experience to what is offered at facilities in our greater community. In our minds we wanted to host an event where the kids would interact together and be entertained at the same time.

The idea of a disco party came from our love of music and our sons’ love of dance.

We sourced all the equipment required to deliver an amazing home party, with lots of very impressed friends and parents. The initial party lead to several friends asking how they could do the same or if we could arrange the equipment for them. We decided to start a home business offering various options at what we know are very reasonable prices.

 Our sound and lighting equipment is of professional standard. All our electrical equipment is PAT tested AS/NZS 3760:2010. 

If you are unsure, get in touch and we can advise which package best suits you and offer various levels of support for your ideal party

our packages

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Glitter ball
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classic disco

glitter + sparkle

glow crazy

disco delux







setup & dismantle

pa-system + microphone

Disco Lighting

Smoke Machine

Disco Ball

Uv lighting

Party Planning checklist

IMP Electronic Invitations

Song Requests

Custom Playlists

Party Planning assitance

Game Lists

Its My Party onsite to assist you with your event

Add-ons available with any package e.g. Adding a smoke machine to a D.I.Y kit

Be environmentally friendly and hire our accessories for $20

All Packages Include a built-in 10% discount IMP-It's My Party

What you say about us

"Best party of my life!" was our 8 year old's statement after his birthday party last weekend. The lights transformed our lounge into a funky disco, and the speaker and mic sound levels were just perfect for a roomful of 8 year old getting their groove on and rocking their glow-accessories! - thanks team!
Sian Stimson
I have been lucky enough to attend two parties now hosted by It's my Party and I was blown away both times by the professionalism and quality. The first disco was for children and my kids had the best time! It was all the little details that made it special and the attention to detail. Can't wait until the next one!!
Carla Rogers
We attended Natalie and Sean's son's disco party! It was so much fun and the kids had a blast! Neon accessories and bright colors are a must! A wicked playlist, energized kids and yummy party food for them to grab when they got hungry - in between dances of course! Lots of fun had by all!

Katherine Aitken

The kids love it...


Natalie mobile:- 021 2636226

sean mobile:- 021 02226373

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