Hire Terms & Conditions


The hire charge is based on a daily rate and is paid in advance of the equipment hire date. The client may extend the hire of the equipment by phoning It’s My Party Ltd on or before 9am on the day the equipment is due for return. It’s My Party Ltd will not guarantee an extension of the hire. Payment is required upon advice of the extension. The client is liable for hire charges until all equipment is returned to It’s My Party Ltd


When the equipment has been collected (or delivered) and signed for, the equipment becomes the responsibility of the client until it has been returned in its entirety to It’s My Party Ltd in the condition it was in when it was issued to the client.  Insurance for the equipment specified on the agreement is the client’s responsibility while on hire.

 The client will be charged for the cost of the replacement or repair of the equipment hired if damage occurs during the hire period. We reserve the right to hold the bond and/or charge the client: for the repair of equipment damaged during hire; to replace the equipment if irreparable/lost/stolen; to recover costs to retrieve the equipment or to clean the equipment. This clause also incorporates the replacement or repair of accessories and paraphernalia supplied for the hire which are not included in the schedule.


it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment is suitable for the purpose of their hire. It’s My Party Ltd will not accept responsibility if equipment does not meet expectations. It is understood that all details have been checked to ensure satisfaction with the equipment hired before/on pick up (or delivery). All equipment upon possession is understood to be in good condition and fit for use.

The client, his representative or a third-party user has no claim on It’s My Party Ltd for loss, damage, injury or death as 

a result of the client’s use of the equipment hired. Furthermore, the client, his Representative or a third-party user indemnifies It’s My Party Ltd against all claims resulting from the operation of the equipment hired.


It’s My Party Ltd will not issue a refund or credit where the equipment hired is not used due to unforeseen circumstances. Only in extreme situations will we consider supplying the same equipment at a discounted rate if the same event is to be rescheduled.


 Full refund at 14 days’ notice, 50% refund for 7 days’ notice. Less than 7 days no refund. In the scenario of lock down levels changing and restrictions on limited gathering numbers, we will re-schedule once upon agreement date by both parties and expires after 6 months.


This agreement is not transferable, and all liability of the hire falls on the client. 


The client upon signing this agreement accepts the terms and conditions as laid down by It’s My Party Ltd and agrees to pay any costs of collection and all legal fees incurred by It’s My Party Ltd in the event of legal action becoming necessary due to the equipment not being returned, hire charges and extension charges not paid for, equipments damaged and other claims relating to the hire.